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Memory and Dictatorship

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, there are ten definitions of the term memory. These definitions span from the act of remembering, to the capacity for retaining, to a physical memorial or shrine (Oxford English Dictionary, 2009). This article will … Continue reading

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The Suburbs as a “Topos” of Latin American Culture

In defining the suburbs as a “topos” of Latin American culture, I must first define the words “suburbs” and “topos.” A common perception of the suburbs is a place that is located immediately outside of a town or a city. … Continue reading

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Pop Art in Latin America

Lawrence Alloway, the originator of the term Pop, identified the term in three different phases.   He insisted that it is characterized by an art that included “all of man’s artifacts”, that it included “iconography of signs and objects” that were … Continue reading

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Border / La Frontera

Border (in Spanish, la frontera) is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “a side, edge, brink, or margin; a limit, or boundary; the part of anything lying along its boundary or outline,” and “the boundary line which separates one … Continue reading

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