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Peruvian Artifact Trafficking/ Looted Art Auctions

The trafficking of artifacts in the context of this article is referring to artifacts of cultural significance that have been illegally trafficked out of source countries such as Peru, to market states like the United States. This illicit exportation of … Continue reading

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The Mascho Piro

The Mascho Piro are an indigenous tribe who live in the South American country of Peru.  According to a BBC article, “The Mashco-Piro are one of the several tribes designated by the government as “uncontacted people”.  Uncontacted is a short-hand … Continue reading

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Art Crime in Brazil

International art crime is a phenomenon that is on the rise in conjunction with the struggling world economy; however, the trend is particularly emphasized in Latin American countries where such artistic valuables are often unprotected (Werner, 3). This paper will … Continue reading

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