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Icons within Chicano and Chicana Art

This entry will focus on three overlapping and reoccurring iconic themes that appear in Chicano and Chicana art: ancestral emblems, Catholic Church symbols, and figures from popular culture. The terms Chicano and Chicana are specific to the identity of Mexican-Americans … Continue reading

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Contemporary Performance Art in Cuba

This entry will focus on contemporary performance art within Cuba through the works of Ana Mendieta and Tania Bruguera. Performance art, which is typically presented live in front of an audience, has always challenged more conventional forms of art such … Continue reading

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Candomblé-A Unique Religion

Calandus, a religious practice known today as Candomblé, is an African-Brazilian religion that originated from the forced imposition of the Catholic religion on African slaves during the colonial era. This religion is a blend of both Catholic and African spiritual … Continue reading

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Cuban Poster Art

This entry will focus on the ‘Golden age’ of Cuban poster art that followed after the conclusion of the Cuban Revolution in 19591. The exact dates of the ‘golden age’ vary slightly from scholar to scholar, but for this glossary … Continue reading

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Latin America at a Glance : Fun Facts

Image credits: Susan Douglas | Mel Hayes (c) 2015

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The term “authenticity” refers to the many “truths” of an object or artwork [1]. In that an artwork can possess both authentic and inauthentic elements, the term is multidimensional. A forgery of a painting by Picasso is paradoxically an authentic … Continue reading

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Art Crimes in Brazil

International art crime is a phenomenon that is on the rise linked to the struggling world economy. In Latin American countries, where valuables are often unprotected, art crime is not a recent phenomenon (Werner, 3). A significant number of art … Continue reading

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Mail Art in Latin America

In Ked Friedman’s historical overview of mail art, mail art is not defined by its use of a specific medium. It is defined by the fact that the piece must be sent as a piece of correspondence, which is to … Continue reading

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Caribbean in Latin American Film

The role of the Caribbean in the history of film has changed over time with the region’s struggles. In times of struggle, film has given a voice to the people of the Caribbean. This entry looks at the relationship between … Continue reading

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Restoration: “Mitin Obrero” (Workers’ Meeting) by David Alfaro Siqueiros, in Los Angeles.

David Alfaro Siqueiros has been widely known to have been interested and to have had a strong influence on the political and social dimensions of art. This was due to the fact that he grew up in Mexico with radical … Continue reading

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