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Cultural Heritage: Bandurria, Peru and Chotuna- Chornancap, Peru

Located on South America’s Pacific coast with a population of twenty-seven million, Peru borders Bolivia, Brazil, and Chile as well as Colombia and Ecuador. The Amazon takes up about fifty percent of the nation’s territory and includes the Amazon River … Continue reading

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Peruvian Artifact Trafficking/ Looted Art Auctions

The trafficking of artifacts in the context of this article is referring to artifacts of cultural significance that have been illegally trafficked out of source countries such as Peru, to market states like the United States. This illicit exportation of … Continue reading

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The Mascho Piro

The Mascho Piro are an indigenous tribe who live in the South American country of Peru.  According to a BBC article, “The Mashco-Piro are one of the several tribes designated by the government as “uncontacted people”.  Uncontacted is a short-hand … Continue reading

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Peruvian Artifact Trafficking

To understand the process of art trafficking in the Peruvian context, we must first consider what an artefact is. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) presents two definitions for the term artefact demonstrating that this term has a specific meaning within different … Continue reading

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Latin American Social Movements

Social movements include forms of social protest and political engagement and, in Latin America, they develop after the end of Spanish or Portuguese colonial rule, when Latin American countries gained their independence and became self-governing.  Some countries gained independence in the … Continue reading

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Peruvian Civil War (1980-2000)

The nation of Peru has had a long succession of authoritarian and democratic governments despite its historical stability. An estimated 70,000 Peruvians have died in the relatively recent Civil War of 1980-2000, outnumbering the casualties of any other war in … Continue reading

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School of Cuzco (Peru)

The School of Cuzco was formed by a circle of Peruvian artists and comprised artists of unidentified ethnic groups. It was established from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century in Cuzco, Peru. This school experienced three main periods, each with … Continue reading

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