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La Revolución

  The term La Revolución, Spanish for “The Revolution,” specifically refers to the Mexican Revolution that occurred from the years 1910-1917. The English term revolution most commonly refers to a rebellious act by an unsatisfied society determined to create a transformation … Continue reading

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The Political Dimension of Visual Culture in Latin America

Visual culture in Latin America, like visual culture everywhere, is shaped and influenced by the social and political histories that define the realities of the place. The interaction of local traditions with outside cultural influences is instrumental in the formation … Continue reading

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Avant-Garde Art in Latin America

Avant-garde is a French term originally used to describe “the foremost part of an advancing army or naval force” (Oxford English Dictionary Online-vanguard), but has since been appropriated to indicate “new and experimental ideas and methods in art” (Oxford English … Continue reading

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Museo Nacional de Arte (MUNAL)

The Museo Nacional de Arte (MUNAL) is the national art museum of Mexico, located in Mexico City. Represented in its large collection are Mexican and international artworks from the sixteenth century to the first half of the twentieth century. The museum is … Continue reading

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The Legacies of the European Avant-garde across Latin America

At the turn of the century, the European avant-garde movements influenced prominent Latin America artists who were traveling back and forth between these two regions. Rather than copying avant-garde styles, however, artists such as Diego Rivera, Anita Malfatti and Joaquin … Continue reading

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