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Classicism in Brazil

Artists have consistently been inspired by and returned to the arts of ancient Greece and Rome, which is referred to as ‘classicism.’ Alberti once equated classicism and beauty in regard to architecture, defining beauty as, “The harmony and concord of … Continue reading

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The Political Dimension of Visual Culture in Latin America

Visual culture in Latin America, like visual culture everywhere, is shaped and influenced by the social and political histories that define the realities of the place. The interaction of local traditions with outside cultural influences is instrumental in the formation … Continue reading

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Latin American Graffiti

Graffiti is a term that comes from the Greek word graphein, to write, and the Italian word graffito, meaning to draw or scribble on a flat surface. Graffiti is done everywhere in Latin America (LA), because any defacement of private … Continue reading

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Baroque is a term used in the literature of the arts with both a historical and critical meaning, and as both an adjective and a noun. This entry will focus on defining and relating the term Baroque art as they are most … Continue reading

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Avant-Garde Art in Latin America

Avant-garde is a French term originally used to describe “the foremost part of an advancing army or naval force” (Oxford English Dictionary Online-vanguard), but has since been appropriated to indicate “new and experimental ideas and methods in art” (Oxford English … Continue reading

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The Suburbs as a “Topos” of Latin American Culture

In defining the suburbs as a “topos” of Latin American culture, I must first define the words “suburbs” and “topos.” A common perception of the suburbs is a place that is located immediately outside of a town or a city. … Continue reading

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Tropicália in Brazil

Tropicália, also known as Tropicalismo, was a cultural revolution, best known in the form of a musical movement, which took place in Brazil during the 1960s (Ballvé 2007, 1). This period of time in Brazil was characterized by overt popular … Continue reading

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