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Latin America at a Glance : Fun Facts

Image credits: Susan Douglas | Mel Hayes (c) 2015

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La Revolución

  The term La Revolución, Spanish for “The Revolution,” specifically refers to the Mexican Revolution that occurred from the years 1910-1917. The English term revolution most commonly refers to a rebellious act by an unsatisfied society determined to create a transformation … Continue reading

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The term “authenticity” refers to the many “truths” of an object or artwork [1]. In that an artwork can possess both authentic and inauthentic elements, the term is multidimensional. A forgery of a painting by Picasso is paradoxically an authentic … Continue reading

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Art Crimes in Brazil

International art crime is a phenomenon that is on the rise linked to the struggling world economy. In Latin American countries, where valuables are often unprotected, art crime is not a recent phenomenon (Werner, 3). A significant number of art … Continue reading

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Mail Art in Latin America

In Ked Friedman’s historical overview of mail art, mail art is not defined by its use of a specific medium. It is defined by the fact that the piece must be sent as a piece of correspondence, which is to … Continue reading

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The Ludwig Foundation of Cuba (LFC)

The Ludwig Foundation of Cuba (LFC) is a Cuban arts initiative and a platform for Latin American artists. Founded in 1995, the LFC is a non-governmental, non-profit foundation that Peter and Irene Ludwig created out of their love for the … Continue reading

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Mexican Photography

Photographs of Mexico have helped to define its people and culture. The purpose of Mexican photography is to create a cultural definition that represents the Mexican people so that one may appreciate and understand the message being conveyed. Culture can … Continue reading

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Latin America at International Art Exhibitions

The representation of Latin American countries at art fairs and other international art exhibitions has grown steadily over the years. Latin American art is hugely important at an international level and prominent figures in the art world are finally beginning … Continue reading

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Latin America as Defined by the Media

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the term media as “the main means of mass communication (television, radio, newspaper)” and as a media consuming society it is our most significant resource. Types of media include television, radio, film and video, print, … Continue reading

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Classicism in Brazil

Artists have consistently been inspired by and returned to the arts of ancient Greece and Rome, which is referred to as ‘classicism.’ Alberti once equated classicism and beauty in regard to architecture, defining beauty as, “The harmony and concord of … Continue reading

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