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Brazil through Film

The construct of Brazil through film is dynamic and multi-faceted: from being objectified to caricature figures, to figures of ‘exotic’ color, and so forth, it is impossible to define the role film has in constructing the image of Brazil in … Continue reading

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Tropicália in Brazil

Tropicália, also known as Tropicalismo, was a cultural revolution, best known in the form of a musical movement, which took place in Brazil during the 1960s (Ballvé 2007, 1). This period of time in Brazil was characterized by overt popular … Continue reading

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Borges and Argentina

Argentina, while a broad topic to cover, can be partly explained in a context of Modernism. Author Jorge Luis Borges, then, can be included as a part of the Modernist trends within and outside of literature, but also extending to … Continue reading

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Mestizaje is a historically and culturally malleable term to which many meanings have been attributed. For the purpose of this entry, I will employ only those definitions that I designate as most prevalent to the breadth of our course study, … Continue reading

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Latin American Culture and Identity: Distorted by the West or Unique Hybridization?

Western cultural ideals relating to Latin art had a significant influence on Latin American artists and caused Latin American artists to express their own cultural ideals based on politics and the shifting social organization as a result of this cultural … Continue reading

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Marginality and the Repressed

The Oxford English Dictionary defines marginality as the “quality or state of being of an individual or social group isolated from or not conforming to the dominant society or culture” and repressed as “restrained, checked, suppressed.”  These two terms can … Continue reading

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Conceptual Art

This entry examines conceptual art and representational art in Latin American context. Through the works of artists and scholars, I will define and convey the meanings of conceptualism and representation in art. ArtLex, an online dictionary, defines conceptual art as, … Continue reading

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